‘For the over sixties, I am one of the largest causes of brain haemorrhages and dementia’

The Biggest Disease You’ve Never Heard Of!

People who know they have CAA live with a ticking time bomb. As a result, they live intensely. What makes them happy, what do they want to avoid? Actually, everyone should regularly be on their toes, so that you get everything out of life. Live as if it’s your last day.


CAA is a brain disease that causes recurring haemorrhages and infarctions. This leads to paralysis, dementia and death. People die immediately or they deteriorate with each new haemorrhage and die. They live with a ticking time bomb.


The disease is incurable, but it need not be. There is a solution. One that we want to find quickly since the enormity has become increasingly clear: 1 in 4 people over 60 get CAA. Unnecessary personal suffering that could be prevented.


People with the hereditary variant are the key to the solution. This group has the sad certainty of getting the disease at a young age. Because they can be examined before the onset of the disease, a cause can be discovered. A solution for them is a solution for everyone with CAA.


There is not enough money for research on this group. This is why the CAA Foundation was established, to remove this unnecessary ticking time bomb from many lives.

“Life doesn’t have to stop after the age of 60.
Especially not if we help CAA disappear.”

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