Foundation board

The CAA Foundation board has the following members:

Chairman: Mr Peter Bruin

Secretary: Mr Ton Schattenberg

Treasurer: Mr Stefan Leertouwer

General board members: Mr Jan Fens, Mr John Schotanus, Mr Marco Koning

The board is committed to complete transparency in its operations and with what it does with the funds entrusted to the Foundation. This is a requirement of the Foundation’s ANBI status. Public Benefit Organisations (ANBIs) can make use of certain tax advantages with inheritances, gifts and donations. Organisations designated as an ANBI by the Tax and Customs Administration can take advantage of these tax benefits.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees monitors if the objective of the Foundation (raising funds for research into CAA and HCHWA-D) is being respected  and approves expenditures. The Board of Trustees consists of the following persons:

Mr Frank Blom (Owner Frame Vastgoed)

Mr Harry Groen (former councillor of Amsterdam and former mayor of Noordwijk)

Mr Martin Soeters (recently retired, former CEO of Nova Nordisc pharmaceutical company).

Mr Ger van Jeveren

Moreover, the HCHWA-D patient association has a seat on the Board. This position is filled by Koos van Rijn.