The CAA Foundation is the only Foundation dedicated globally to raising funds for research into CAA. Since the disease is still unknown to the general public, the Foundation focuses not only on raising funds, but also on outreach activities to bring national attention to this common disease.


About our founder

Jan Fens, a carrier of the hereditary gene, decided to establish the CAA Foundation after discovering that, whilst there was no medicine for CAA, he and the other carriers could be the key to the solution. Research into the hereditary group had been dormant for years and there was not enough money to come closer to a solution. There was no driving force to put CAA on the map or to raise funds for research. Jan’s work with the Foundation focusses on increasing awareness of this common disease and generating funds through donations. He hopes that the solution will be found quickly, so that there will be medical treatment for not only his own children, if they too suffer from the hereditary burden, but also for all those with the hereditary gene as well as other Dutch people who will contract non-hereditary CAA.


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